Ethics and Social Reputation

"It's better to be alone than to be in bad company."
- George Washington
  • How strong is your social reputation?
  • If someone accused you of something negative, would anyone believe them?
  • Are tough decisions keeping you up at night? 
Of course, there is no way to validate that the above quote was ever uttered by Washington, or that he is its original source, but his reputation is such that we believe it to be true. What do people think of you? Do people who know you hesitate to do business with you? If so, that's unfortunate.

The best time to repair a reputation is before it gets tarnished. Do you have policies in place to guide your employees in making ethical decisions? Have you included questions of ethics in your hiring process? If someone hacked your computer, would they unearth any skeletons?

Ethical debt is the damage we do to our own name by the little transgressions that society tolerates. The more ethical debt you carry, the more tarnished your reputation. No one is perfect, but I can work with you to reduce the ethical debt you carry, and protect your name. Contact me to find out more, or read my blog on the subject of Ethical Debt.