Information Technology

  • What is "the cloud" anyways? Who can you trust to guide you through the techno-jargon?
  • How much of this IT stuff do you really need?
  • Are you ready to take that next technology step?
Information Technology, as a subject causes many people to break into a cold sweat. It is filled with terms that are at best confusing (the cloud) and at worst terrifying (kill-o-bite). Yes, the last one is a bit facetious, but the fact is that the dread that many people face at having to understand a page full of techno-jargon makes one suspect they've had a "kill bite" before.

To add to the confusion, we are bombarded by messaging that makes it seem like without the latest and greatest technology, a business cannot survive. However the sad reality is that, for most business owners, if you take the time away from running your business required to stay on top of the latest trends in technology, you business will likely fail anyway.

I am a technology enthusiast. I rather enjoy staying on top of technological trends. Now before you pity me too much, consider how that enthusiasm can benefit you. I am not a specialist, so I won't try to sell you on a specific technology. I am a generalist. I understand a lot of different technologies enough to know the high-points and many of the pitfalls. Combine that with my business training and experience and you have access to someone who can translate the techno-jargon into plain English. Together, we can examine the technology you are considering, and evaluate your readiness and the true cost of adoption.

Contact me today, let's look at your goals and see if the Information Technology sector has something that can help.