Knowledge Management

  • Does your team operate in isolation?
  • Is there a "key" team member that knows everything?
  • Do you have a system in place to share lessons learned?
A good friend of mine used to say "to know, and not do, is not to know." I used to say that to my son when, as a young teen, he would say: "I KNOW Dad!"

In business, however, it is easy to confuse information with knowledge. Information is just data such as numbers and names, facts and figures. Information becomes knowledge when it is contextualized. Knowledge, on its own, has little value outside of cocktail parties (or television game shows). Knowledge becomes valuable when it is applied.

The challenge for many businesses is that the value of applied knowledge is difficult to reproduce, and even impossible if the employee at the center of that value leaves the firm. Once an employee has signaled his or her intention to leave, attempts to extract value from his or her knowledge will be met with limited success.

I can help you develop a Knowledge Management Strategy that will integrate value creation from applied knowledge into the culture of your organization. Contact me today to discuss your goals.