My brothers and I have often joked "I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken." Another one-liner I rather enjoy is "People who think they know it all, really annoy those of us who do." It is in that spirit that I present The Know It All Books.

This collection is a decidedly satirical look at the arrogance that many people have about their own understanding and knowledge on certain subjects. While it is possible that you might feel that these books are incomplete, I challenge the reader to argue with the knowledge that is presented within them.

Though in some cases, the treatment is facetious, no offence is intended. In fact, the more serious the topic, the more important the satiric message becomes. For example, the studies of Climate Change, Geopolitics, Justice, Peace, and Poverty are all areas where I feel quite strongly that I have recorded (perhaps too verbosely) the knowledge of many of the world leaders as it seems to be demonstrated today. Likewise, when the religious reader examines my work on Theology, he or she may feel that I have actually attended his or her place of worship.

While I expect you to enjoy reading them yourself, I am willing to bet that you will enjoy giving them as a gift even more. No library is complete without this collection.

Please check out the reviews here. (Spoiler Alert: the joke is revealed.)

Time to Quill is a project that stemmed from my personal attempt to take control of the mayhem that occurs whenever I take on more than one project at a time, which as a management consultant, is almost always.

This is the combination of two tools which have served me well over the years. On the one side of the book is a flexible time tracking tool, turn the book over, and you have an advanced note pad. Other time tracking tools I have seen offer note taking to the side of time tracking. But what does one do when the notes for a given day exceed the space allotted? Both sides of Time to Quill work toward the middle. With over a hundred pages on each side, I expect that each copy will last you close to six months (if it does not, you have my sympathy). There is a reminder as you approach the middle to order a new copy.