My name is Waldo Rochow (rō-hō), and I am your Information Security Professional.

Security means something different to each person you ask. That is because each person has different assets that they value in different ways. While we are all different, we are also all the same. Imagine a room with many windows. The room is our shared experience, but the windows are the view from the outside to what is important. For some, the priority is confidentiality. For others integrity takes the lead. For others still, it may be availability. But for all, there is information that must be protected. The windows are the why. In the physical world, security is achieved through locks and fences and guards. Most people understand all of these. In the information world, however, a new language applies. Information security has similar constructs to the physical world, and in fact also depends on physical security, but it uses different terminology. As your Information Security Professional, it is my job not only to analyse your security needs, but to translate these needs, and their solutions, into the languages spoken by your different stakeholders.

With an MBA from Royal Roads University in Executive Management, and seventeen years of experience in management consulting, I understand business. I also understand risk and opportunity, and the cost of both. I speak audit, evaluation, accountability and governance. I have been in the hot-seat and made the tough choices. Leadership is not merely a word, it is a lifestyle.

If there is anything that my thirteen years of full-time experience as a computer programmer has taught me, it is that technology never stands still. That is why I have maintained my membership in the Association of Computing Machinery ( even after I was no longer a full time programmer. Technology is a passion. While software development is very much an engineering practice, I feel that it is also an art. To this day, I am proud of the work I have done:
  • The multimedia toolbox I invented (Waterfall Networks Inc., 2001); 
  • The XML languages I invented (True Context Inc., 2004);
  • The self-healing network I invented (Hippocampus Systems Inc., 2005); and more.
While only one became patented, these are all, in my mind, art that would be worthy of being framed on a wall. Oh sure, there may be other ways of achieving these things now, but in those days… sheer elegance.

In all, I have over twenty-one years of experience in the security industry.
  • From physical security such as: general guard service such as passenger screening, K9 patrols, personal protection, alarm sales, and alarm monitoring; 
  • To technological security such as virtual desktops, encrypted thumb drives, and secure data transfer; and
  • To corporate security activities such as security clearance processing, background checks, and security awareness training.
Furthermore, I am currently studying towards the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) designation. The CISSP studies are revealing how my thirty-three years of experience in various industries come together to provide you with access to a unique skillset that would be difficult to replicate.

Contact me today, to explore how I can help you realize your goals.