Waldo Rochow (rō-hō) is a management consultant from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with over twenty years of professional consulting experience and an MBA from Royal Roads University. Over the past 18 years, his professional experience includes 13 years as a software developer (1997 to 2010) and another 14 years of experience as a management consultant (2001 to 2015). This combination is particularly unique since eight of those years overlapped. As a result, Mr. Rochow is extremely well suited to bridging the gap between technology and business. Mr. Rochow always brings a “whatever it takes” attitude to his assignments.

Beyond his independent work as a management consultant, Mr. Rochow has led many teams as small as two to as large as forty. Often, he has managed overlapping projects. He has worked for clients as small as private retail stores to as large as the United Nations. In his career as a software developer, Mr. Rochow has worked both as a single consultant brought in to address specific problems and as an employee member of a team building the next big thing. Mr. Rochow has been the co-founder of a software company, and was a member of the executive team at Capra International Inc. for 13 years (as CEO from 2011 to 2014).

As a program evaluator, Mr. Rochow is well versed in professional research techniques. The most complex research project he led was the Global and Thematic Evaluation of the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund for the United Nations Development Program. This US$830M fund financed 130 joint programs across eight thematic windows in 50 countries. His job began with coordinating the review of documents spanning six years (exceeding 40,000 pages); he and his team also conducted interviews, focus groups, and a survey of stakeholders from all 50 recipient countries and more than 1,600 partner organizations; finally, they conducted site visits in eight developing countries. All these data were analyzed and then findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned were reported. For this project, Mr. Rochow negotiated the contracts with, and supervised the work of, 40 independent consultants from around the world.

Mr. Rochow is now focusing his consulting practice in the areas of: 
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